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nathalie | scorpio | fashion lover ☯

blog-amazinglandscapes: Hello dear, just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing well done! I am so definitely following you! Could you please check my fashion website (there is a red "fashion went wild" in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

ya sure thanks as well!

Anonymous: Thanks ;) haha same, i have like 5 tests in the next 3 days god i hate school

Ugh even worse! I ‘only’ have 4 :/ teachers need to chill lol

Anonymous: Whenever i see you reblog something about never getting asks, i send you one, but i have no idea what to write today, so, how are you? :) x

YOU ARE THE BEST :”) I’m good hehe school is just killing me :( how about you??


why can’t i be one of those cool and interesting persons who get messages 24/7


not being drunk is so awful

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